Legal Translation

We have translated many EU legislative instruments for harmonisation of the Ukrainian and European Union laws. We are the ones entrusted with translation of many high-profile decisions of international courts (we cannot divulge more details due to our non-disclosure obligations).

Legal translation is one of the most demanded types of translation as it covers any legal relations, e.g. commercial, civil, administrative, taxation, and international law; the scope is incredibly wide!

We will translate your legal documents as promptly as possible. Our company takes even the most challenging legal translation projects and invariably provides high quality services.

The legal documents we work with include the following:

  • Legislative instruments and legal publications (laws, decrees, resolutions, regulations, and other delegated legislation);
  • Court documents related to legal entities (statements of claim, statements of appeal/cassation appeal, petitions/motions, decisions, resolutions, opinions);
  • Constituent documents (charters, constituent agreements, decisions, minutes);
  • Contracts and agreements (contracts, supply contracts, sale and purchase contracts, leases, license agreements, loan agreements, leasing contracts, labour contracts, etc.);
  • Registration and notarial documents from legal entities (licences, certificates, permits, authorisations, certificates of registration, extracts from registers, powers of attorney, statements, authorisation documents, etc.).

What Makes Legal Translation Different?

Even if the translator is fluent in the requested language pair and perfectly understands the national specifics but is not well versed in legal terminology, he or she will have a great difficulty coping with the task. Without a real experience in legal translation, grasping all the complexities and ambiguities of the legal parlance would be an insurmountable task. It is precisely the lack of practical skills and experience that begets incompetent translations.

Legal terminology and style require extra care even from those who are knowledgeable about law. To someone with no legal background, the industry jargon and vernacular will be unintelligible. General-purpose dictionaries will not be sufficient for most legal documents. Our translators benefit from our extensive library of reference materials and industry literature.

Why Should You Choose Profpereklad?

  1. Professional Approach.
    Our company employs exclusively specialising translators who have a degree in law and/or are sufficiently experienced in the legal field. Thanks to their advanced training and in-depth knowledge of the industry, our employees are guaranteed to deliver professionalism and customer satisfaction.
  2. Compliance.
    A strict adherence to the deadlines, prices, guidelines, and the client’s instructions is our business standard.
  3. Advanced Technology.
    We actively use special linguistic software SDL Trados GroupShare Server (not to be confused with machine translation!) that helps optimise the translation workflow process, e.g. by maintaining the termbase that allows for instant search of legal terminology.
  4. Quality Assurance.
    Each completed translation goes through several quality assurance rounds to ensure that the final product is free of any typos or errors, whether they are syntactic, grammatical, or any other unintentional mistakes made by the translator(s). Finally, our quality assurance team monitors that the vocabulary used remains consistent and maintains the “big legal dictionary of Profpereklad”.
  5. Confidentiality.
    If you hire us for your legal translation project, please be sure that any information you give us will remain confidential. For each project, all of our employees involved in the project are required to sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), and the corporate process is arranged so that an access to confidential information is only granted on a need-to-know basis.
  6. Long-Term Collaboration
    Request your free test translation. As soon as you feel satisfied with the quality and convenience of our services, we will discuss the terms and start working together.

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